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The Ideation Game

The Ideation Game is a sophisticated web platform designed to help your staff capture and store all their best performance improvement ideas. Conducting regular idea capture campaigns is the success secret of the very best performing organisations.

Start Playing

Assign a Game Manager, recruit the players, select the referees, invite the spectators and start your first campaign. It is that easy! Let the competition begin and let the ideas roll. With a sophisticated algorithm driving the scoring system, the best idea will win the prize. The scoreboard never lies.

Buy, Rent or Talk

Buy the game code and have your own IT team manage the program? Simply invest in a one-off purchase of the code and customise the app for your own purposes

Download the Ideation Game web app for FREE and make a small monthly investment to conduct an Ideas Campaign whenever you decide

Only want to conduct the occasional Ideas Capture Campaign? Then talk with our Ideation Game team to learn how easy and inexpensive the process can be

10 Reasons to Invest in The Ideation Game

Learn more about how Our Ideation Game can work in your organisation by asking for a free demonstration.

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